Idleby (home demo) Padraig O´Connor & The Band of Cloud


I posted this in my other blog, but I thought I´d stick it up here too, because it´s got a bit of a story behind it. Not officially a song of the week though, so it can just be a song of today.

Here’s a picture of me playing piano  in a place called The Toast in Madrid…

Padraig O'Connor at The Toast

This is another demo for a song. It´s about the world of apathy, laziness, daydreaming, which seems a bit like a paradise at times, but then if you stay there too long, you want to leave, because you´re there on your own, and there´s no interaction, just you alone with your thoughts.

So in the end, you want to escape, you want someone to rescue you. Here is the song:

In the spirit of my other blog, the song of the week blog, here´s some background. The poem, The Fairy, which I posted early in this blog´s history was the inspiration for the song. There were three made up words in that poem, replikind (a replicating kind of thing done by an artist), flutterby (butterfly back to front: I invented this one, but unfortunately other poets and writers had got there before me, by a mere 100 years or so) and lastly Idleby. “To Edelweiss and Idleby”.

Edelweiss is a song about a flower, but it always suggests a place to me, and indeed a flower is a place, it´s a place for butterflies at least. The original Edelweiss was also a song that takes you somewhere, somewhere in Germany maybe. It´s written by one of my favourite melody writers, Rogers, who along with Hammerstein created another beautiful song. I talk about those two a little in song of the week 20, but that´s besides the point. Where was I? Yes, so Edelweiss was a song, I figured Idleby should be too. This was maybe 5 or 6 years after I wrote the poem.

I´m fond of the idea of a song as a place, as a world, and I like to write in images, so here are the lyrics. A nice place to visit, but I wouldn´t want to live there.

Idleby, Idleby, it´s just a world away

Take your time in Idleby, you´ll never work a day

We could meet a friend of mine

We might go for nettle wine

We could drink dandelion tea

Under a tree in Idleby

Idleby Idleby, that´s where I´d like to be

Lying down under the sun under an idle tree

We could sail upon a ship

Built with pages and paper clips

There´s a lot for you to sea

Behind the blinds in Idleby

Idleby, Idleby, there´s never trouble there

Idleby, Idleby, no one there has a care

Cast your troubles on the waves

Don´t forget to daylight save

Save your pennies for rainy days

That you´ll never see in Idleby

Bridge: But it never changes there

Every day´s the same as the last

No one here to really care for

No one here at all

Idleby, Idleby, somebody rescue me

Time goes by in Idleby, there´s nobody here but me.

Idleby, Idleby, under an Idletree

Idleby, Idleby, there´s somewhere I´d like to be, there´s someone I´d like to meet…


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