Padraig O’Connor Interview with Antony Rotunno

Here’s a playlist of an interview I did with Antony Rotunno asking questions about my music, songwriting, Beatles and other stuff. It’s a series of interviews he’s done with Madrid songwriters from the open mic scene over here. Lots of talented cats. The last video is a recording of a song of mine called House of Cards which features Kester Jones on harmonica, and Benjamin Perry on violin. Thought it might be of interest to some of y’all.
If you follow Antony’s youtube channel contrafib you’ll find the other interviews in the series. Feel free to follow my youtube channel too. Here’s a playlist of some of my own songs should you fancy a listen:
You can have a listen to demos and recordings for my album on soundcloud:
And pop by to say hello on my facebook page too.
That’s all for now. Have a musical day!
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2 thoughts on “Padraig O’Connor Interview with Antony Rotunno

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